The next few months are not only “best time of the year,” but also the busiest time of the year.

Raise your hand if you have more than one holiday party to attend? Everyone? That’s what we thought.

Whether you’re heading to a corporate celebration or trying to impress your significant other’s parents at their annual holiday celebration, there’s no better way to arrive than in a Royal Coach Limousine vehicle!

We can think of about a hundred reasons why you should treat yourself to safe, stylish transportation for your holiday party this year but we’ve narrowed it down to the top 3 (plus a bonus reason) that may help you make that ever so important transportation decision. Enjoy!

#1. It’s Safe & Stylish…What More Could You Ask For?

Reason #1 is quite obvious. When you choose safe, stylish transportation for your company or any holiday party you attend this year it leaves you looking and feeling good!

When you look good, you feel good so why take the wind out of your sails by showing up to this once-a-year celebration in your everyday vehicle? We have an entire fleet of vehicles for every occasion to choose from! Maybe a limo is a little too “extra” for this particular event. That’s understandable. We believe sometimes an SUV is more appropriate than a limo. And maybe a Sedan is even more appropriate than an SUV.

When you book ahead, you can choose which vehicle is the best fit for your occasion and you can even come check it out before your event date!

#2. Did we Mention it’s Safe? Avoid the Risk of a DUI!

Drinking is a part of almost every kind of celebration we have here in the Pelican State but drinking and driving shouldn’t be. Unfortunately, the holidays come with higher arrest rates for just about everything with DUIs gracing the top of that list.

When you choose to leave the driving to us, we take your safety very seriously.

We employ only the most experienced drivers in the industry. All drivers are required to undergo extensive training, a background check and random drug testing. Also, all drivers have to have a clean driving record. We hold our drivers to the highest standards, so that we ensure your peace of mind.

#3. There’s a Time and a Place for Uber…This Isn’t It!

Uber is great for those nights out to the bar or small music shows. When you’re thinking about transportation for an event like a corporate or family reunion holiday party however, it’s wise to avoid taking the chance that your Uber won’t be fully equipped with:

  • An intense smell (bad or good doesn’t matter when it’s that strong!)
  • A driver that wants to listen to their EDM, club banging music at level 11
  • A vehicle that’s lined with plastic seat covers
  • A driver that is only in town to make money on those “surge” night and doesn’t know the lay of the land or traffic like our local drivers do

Skip the risk of a DUI and reward yourself with a Royal Coach vehicle and driver you can count on!


You’ve worked hard this year and you know what? You deserve to #TreatYoself!


Is there really any better reason to do something than, “I DESERVE IT!” ?

Acknowledging your own accomplishments isn’t always easy. So instead of singing from the rooftops about all of your hard work and accomplishments in 2019, reward yourself with a luxurious, relaxing ride to celebrate.

It’s More Than Just a Ride

Royal Coach Limousine wants to provide a full-service VIP experience for all of our clients. From the moment that the chauffeur arrives to pick you and your party up for your special occasion to the time that he/she drops you off in a safe timely manner, we want you to feel completely at ease and relaxed to spend your time and energy on what matters most to you – your friends or family, and your special occasion.

Contact us to book your holiday event transportation before we’re booked up for the season!