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3 Reasons Why You Should Treat Yourself With Safe, Stylish Holiday Party Transportation This Year (Plus 1 Lagniappe Reason)

The next few months are not only “best time of the year,” but also the busiest time of the year. Raise your hand if you have more than one holiday party to attend? Everyone? That’s what we thought. Whether you’re heading to a corporate celebration or trying to impress your significant other’s parents at their annual holiday celebration, there’s no better way to arrive than in a Royal [...]

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#NoStressNovember Wedding Planning Challenge

Around this time of year, everyone is all about those fun social media “holidays” like #SoberOctober & #NoShaveNovember. And that got us thinking, “What can we start that will not only be a fun “holiday” for our future brides and grooms, but also helps them shrink that daunting Wedding Plan To Do Checklist? Say hello to #NoStressNovember! Stress is admittedly a part of planning a wedding. It’s not [...]

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Our First Ever Game Day Party Bus

We’re fresh off the first Game Day Party Bus and to quote Borat, it was a GREAT SUCCESS! Who Dat Nation always brings the party and this group was no exception! The pizza was delicious, the beer was cold, and the photos were blurry which you know means we had an awesome time. Hop on the Next Game Day Party Bus! If you missed your opportunity to [...]

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The #1 Must Have Accessory for Every New Orleans Event

New Orleans is magic in Fall. We’re not sure whether to attribute it to the inherently spooky reputation we’ve come to embrace or because the weather is finally “cool” enough to spend more than a few minutes outside but either way, we are HERE for it! Each unique event calls for unique accessories that will facilitate a more enjoyable experience. For example, no sane person should attempt hanging [...]

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