3 Reasons to Choose Royal Transportation to Your Mardi Gras Ball

Did you know that between the first of the year and Mardi Gras, over 100 carnival balls are held in the Metro New Orleans area?

If you’re one of the lucky individuals that is a part of the amazing Krewes that throw these lively celebrations (or you just happen to be invited along for the magical ride) then you know how enchanting the experience can be.

From the gowns and tuxedos to the bedazzling spectacle of the floats and the bottomless champagne, it’s enough to make anyone feel like absolute royalty!

Do you really want to ruin that picture perfect vision by showing up in a basic Uber or Taxi?

Here are 3 reasons why you should choose Royal Coach Limousine transportation for the night of your magical Mardi Gras celebration:

#1. Commit to the Theme

Other than your prom or wedding day, Mardi Gras Balls are the only time most of us get to really dress to the nines. We’re talking royalty level glitz, glam and gaudiness! So why not fully commit to the “royalty” theme?

Showing up in your own vehicle, an Uber or a Taxi can subtract from the time and effort you’ve put into your dazzling duds and overall look which is a real confidence deflater. Stick with your theme and really commit with the modern version of a horse drawn carriage; luxury transportation!

#2. Take Pregaming to Another Level

Style, fashion, and image are certainly important reasons to choose a luxury vehicle but let’s get real. You’re going to a PARTY! Let’s talk pregaming. Hiding your roadie and sneaking sips when you’re riding in a friend’s ride or an Uber has the power to take your confidence from Prince to pauper in about 2 seconds flat.

When you choose luxury transportation and leave the driving to us, the pregame starts as soon as you’re comfortably seated. And the best part? You’re no longer forced to sip a drink that needs an easily portable container. Class it up with a more stylish glass and let the champagne, bourbon, or tequila flow until we arrive at your destination!

#3. SAFE, Stylish Transportation

Nobody is naive to the fact that we are a city that LOVES to celebrate or that most of our celebrations involve heavy drinking. This is especially true when it comes to Mardi Gras season. That’s why Mardi Gras and safe transportation go together like King Cakes & plastic babies!

When you choose one of our vehicles you can feel free to take in the rich culture of the season with the peace of mind that comes with knowing neither you or your guests are at risk of getting a DUI or DWI.

Lagniappe Reason: It’s FUN!

We believe everyone wants to feel like a VIP, even if it’s just for the day and we can’t think of a better day to be a VIP than on the day of your Mardi Gras Ball!

There’s just something so FUN about changing up the every day, usual transportation for a special occasion, right?

This could be the one time this year that it will be appropriate and kind of perfect to snag a limo or Rolls Royce as your chosen transportation. How long has it been since you threw caution to the wind and said, “Why not?!”

It’s More Than Just a Ride

We aim to provide a full-service VIP experience for all of our clients.

From the moment that your chauffeur arrives to pick you and your party up for your special occasion to the time that he/she drops you off in a safe timely manner, we want you to feel completely at ease and relaxed to spend your time and energy on what matters most to you – your friends or family, and MARDI GRAS!

Contact us to get a quote or book your Mardi Gras transportation today, before we’re booked up for the season!