Why be normal when you can be memorable?

If you have group transportation needs on the Northshore or Metro New Orleans, instead of reserving a traditional shuttle bus, consider booking one of our classic New Orleans trolleys.

We have 2 trolley’s available and each can  groups of 18 to 30 people! And when you get a look at our trolleys, you’ll see why this will be a transportation experience that your guests won’t soon forget.

3 reasons to book a classic New Orleans trolley for your next group transportation needs.

1. You Need to Make Your Event and Brand Stand Out

Many local companies choose Royal Coach Limousines because of our 25 year record of professionalism and excellence on the Northshore and in Metro New Orleans. Local businesses know when they need to “move people” for a corporate event, they can trust Royal Coach Limousines to provide a safe and reliable driver, clean and new vehicles, and a concierge-like experience for guests.

But sometimes, you just want more.

Whether you offer a sightseeing tour that competes with other local businesses, you’re transporting high octane realtors to see some of the hottest new properties on the market and you want them always coming back to you for more, or you are just looking for a little something extra to make your event more special, our trolleys are sure to make the difference your wanting.

Providing an authentic experience with wooden seats and handles – just as you’d expect in the days of yesteryear – our trolleys make traveling from Point A to Point B a fun part of your event.

2. You Want a New Orleans Theme

Whether you’re shuttling tourists who have never been to the Crescent City before, or you’re taking your favorite group of friends to a Saints game, our trolleys are a great way to infuse New Orleans culture into your event.

If you’re already hosting an event that’s all about the Big Easy, make sure your mode of group transportation fits that theme, too! It makes your entire event organically and authentically shout New Orleans, and provides for a unique experience your guests will love.

Everyone knows a New Orleans wedding isn’t a New Orleans wedding without a Second Line. Make your New Orleans themed event more authentic and memorable by transporting your guests in one of our trolleys, where they’ll feel they’re being magically whisked away to a special part of history.

3. Add a Childlike, Whimsical Feel to Your Event

Let’s be honest –  kids love trolleys and trains. There’s just something special about these vehicles that excites them. Whether your event includes transporting children, or you simply want to tap into your adult passengers’ sense of whimsy, there’s nothing like our classic New Orleans trolleys to help your guests connect with those childlike feelings.

When you ride in a special mode of transportation like our trolleys, suddenly the ride to the event itself becomes a huge part of the event. Your guests won’t be quietly surfing their smartphones when they’re riding in our trolleys! Even a long ride across the Causeway can be fun and uplifting when you’re chatting with your seatmeat in one of our fun trolleys.

Contact Royal Coach Limousines to Inquire About Our Trolleys

To learn more about our trolleys – or other vehicles in our fleet – contact our office in Mandeville at 985-323-1856.

We’ll be happy to explain the trolley experience for you, schedule an opportunity to see our trolley in person to make sure it’s the right vehicle for your upcoming event, and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.